Professional Reviews of Explanar

The Explanar golf training aid is used by some of the world’s leading golf professionals and coaches, such as Martin Hall and Dr. Jim Suttie.

They all have witnessed the benefits that the Explanar training aid has on their students’ golf swing and the subsequent improvements in handicaps. Read their reviews of Explanar...

Peter Cowen recommends Explanar
“Explanar is a terrific learning tool” - Peter Cowen, #1 coach in Europe & one of the World’s leading teachers

Peter Cowen, #1 coach in Europe and one of the World’s leading teachers has incorporated the Explanar Golf Training System into his Academies in the UK and Dubai.

Jim McLean recommends Explanar
“Explanar is truly a great tool” - Jim McLean, voted in the Top 4 Teachers in the World by Golf Digest

Golfing legend Jim McLean completely endorses the Explanar and believes that it really helps students feel how to swing correctly.

Luther Blacklock, Inventor of Explanar & PGA Master
"Explanar helps feel your optimum swing" - Luther Blacklock, Inventor of Explanar & PGA Master

Luther identified that the missing component was that his golf students not only needed to understand their golf swing, but more importantly, they needed to feel what it was like to hit a shot along their optimum swing plane.

Jim Suttie recommends Explanar
“Every golf facility should have an Explanar” – Dr. Jim Suttie, named PGA Teacher of the Year in 2000

Dr. Jim Suttie uses the Explanar at his Cog Hill Academy in Illinois and his Twin Eagles Academy in Naples, Florida.

David Banks recommends Explanar
“The biggest thing to hit golf tuition” – David Banks, PGA Professional

Renowned Ontario PGA Professional David Banks hails Explanar as “the biggest thing to hit golf tuition and learning since the video camera”

Martin Hall recommends Explanar
“Anyone can use Explanar to their benefit” - Martin Hall, PGA Master Professional

Martin Hall, PGA Master Professional and renowned presenter on the Golf Channel, uses Explanar with his students.

Jerry Kelly recommends Explanar
“Explanar let me put feelings into actions” - Jerry Kelly, 25th highest earning PGA Tour golfer in history

PGA Tour star Jerry Kelly uses the Explanar with his coach, Jim Schuman.

Dr. Chris Bertram
'Explanar has tremendous results" - Thomas Jones, PGA Pro at Drayton Leisure Centre

"Explanar has been one of the best investments I have made in my 25 years as golf professional. I have enjoyed tremendous results with my pupils and have seen a significant increase in coaching revenue..."