How does the Explanar golf training aid work?

Perfects your golf swing

The perfect golf swing

Your perfect golf swing is a swing that moves directly in line with your optimum golf swing plane. Most golf swings are either too flat or too upright, and the optimum golf swing plane is located between these two points.


Swinging along your optimum golf swing plane

The Explanar golf training aid can be set to your optimum golf swing plane using the adjustable hoop and the Plane Sensor. By moving the Power Roller around the Explanar, you mimic your optimum swing plane. With practice, the movement of this perfect golf swing is then memorised by your muscles and will be re-enacted on the golf course.

Muscle memory

The Explanar is a kinaesthetic golf training aid that aims to teach your muscles how to perform the perfect golf swing. The Explanar allows you to stop thinking about your golf swing so you can start to feel it instead. Craig Donaldsdon who is based at the Golf Dome in Hartlepool completely endorses this idea, and stresses that being able to feel the perfect swing is particularly important when teaching golf, 'The Explanar is an aid to help the user feel and to recreate swinging in the optimum plane for themselves.'

The Explanar golf training aid will guide your muscles into moving along your optimum golf swing plane, and the re-enactment of this movement on the golf course will enable you to play longer, straighter, and more consistent shots. This improvement in the accuracy and power of your shot will then act to reduce your handicap.

By using the Explanar for about 10 minutes a day, you will see a dramatic improvement in your core stability and an increased level of rotation, all of which are integral to adding control to your golf swing and improving accuracy.

Improves fitness

Balance and flexibility

By moving the roller along the hoop, you are using your muscles to memorise what it feels like to perform the perfect golf swing. This repeated movement strengthens the arm and back muscles, whilst also increasing balance and flexibility.

David Ostrow, CEO of Body Balance for Performance, highlights the importance of fitness when playing a game of golf, writing that ‘Golf is a more physical game than many people realise.' He goes on to say that 'At Body Balance we strive to ensure that golfers are better equipped physically to take on the challenges that the golf swing presents.’ To help him improve golfers’ fitness and overcome the physical challenges in golf he trains his students using an Explanar.